•Have you experienced hair loss or have sparse, uneven or no eyebrows due to over plucking, aging, Chemotherapy treatments or Alopecia Areata?

•Do you have dexterity difficulties, arthritis, paralysis or vision limitations that make it difficult to put on your make-up?

•Do you have Cerebral Palsy or Multiple Sclerosis or any other motor skill problem that limits your ability to put on makeup?

•Do you suffer from Parkinson's disease or any other tremors that limit your ability to apply makeup?

•Are you a man who has thinning or sparse hair, eyebrows or eyelashes?

•Are you allergic to conventional cosmetics, wear contact lenses or eyeglasses that cause watery eyes or smudged eyeliner?

•Do you have Presbyopia or other visual limitations?

•Have you had a mastectomy? Areolas can be re-created and re-pigmented after having a mastectomy.

•Do you have thin, uneven lips that take away from facial balance?

•Do you have a cleft lip?

•Do you suffer from Vitiligo (also called leukoderma) and want to restore an even skin tone?

•Do you have an occupation where you perspire often, requiring you to re-apply makeup often?

•Do you want the convenience of waterproof make-up that will not smudge, or run?

•Do you have eyes that appear "washed-out" without eyeliner?

•Do you need scar camouflage work done on a noticeable flaw (from lacerations, burns or other skin flaws)? Burn victims benefit from permanent cosmetics because the procedure helps with scar relaxation as well as restoration of some facial features lost to severe burns.

•Have you experienced loss of mobility or paralysis due to stroke?

•Do you have an occupation where you feel better looking as if you are wearing light makeup all the time?

•Do you want to "sleep in" or squeeze more time into your day?

After the procedure YOU will always look as though you are wearing "light" makeup. It has a very positive psychological value. Sometimes medical, sometimes personal, but it definitely increases confidence and self worth.

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